The LHD Story
Elevate Well-being

Built on a foundation of unparalleled expertise, LHD fosters growth and delivers unmatched creativity designed to elevate well-being for the people, businesses, and communities we serve. We’re passionate about our independence and what it means for the stakeholders surrounding us.

Our Coworkers

For our coworkers, independence means career security and the ability to safely support families. Meet our team and the families we value.

Our Clients

For our clients, independence means creative problem solving without limits or restrictions from corporate or private equity.

Our Community

For our community, independence means supporting the economy, protecting jobs, and giving back to our friends and neighbors.

Value people first.

Our clients, their employees, and each other.

Do the right thing.

For decisions in business and in life.

Provide the best service.

Recognizing exactly what our clients need.

Achieve together.

Amplify results.

Never stop improving.

Each day better than the day before.

How It All Started.

May 1999
LHD is Established

LoCascio Hadden and Dennis, LLC is established by four industry veterans, all with equal ownership and a common vision for the future of benefit advisory services.

March 2001
LHD Creates UBA

LHD founding member, David LoCascio establishes United Benefit Advisors (UBA), a group of partner firms dedicated to building a collaborative environment and raising the water line for independent insurance agencies across the country.

December 2007
UBA Creates Largest Benchmarking Survey

Our UBA partners collaborate to create the largest and most statistically credible benefits plan benchmarking survey in the country.

August 2012
LHD Moves Headquarters

After more than doubling total headcount, LHD moves to new office space at 250 West 96th Street to accommodate growth.

February 2013
LHD Establishes Vital Incite

LHD establishes Vital Incite, a data warehouse and population health analytics platform designed to bring light to health care spend, direct population health and wellness initiatives, and improve synergy between client vendors. Vital incite is invested in turning benefit plan data into actionable information.

March 2019
LHD Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

LHD celebrates a major milestone, 20 years, and celebrates the company our founders built from four employees to 50+. We announce a new mission statement and core values, and distribute the first annual Report to Stakeholders.

November 2021
Equity Partners

Marcus Bowling and Michael Piercefield were named equity partners of LHD Benefit Advisors (LHD) on November 2, 2021. Bowling and Piercefield join founders Jeff Hadden and Bill Drew.

January 2022
LHD Announces Sale of Vital Incite

LHD is excited to announce that effective January 1st, Vital Incite has been acquired by Alera Group — a national benefits advisory with distribution channels that will allow Vital Incite to continue to grow and scale.

March 2022
LHD Receives NPS Score of ’92’

The survey was sent to all of LHD’s current clients and received a 50% response rate. This year’s score is a 1-point improvement from the previous survey.

February 2023
LHD Adds New Equity Partner

Ben Fuelberth was named an equity partner of LHD Benefit Advisors (LHD) in February of 2023, joining partners Jeff Hadden, Bill Drew, Marcus Bowling, and Michael Piercefield.

June 2024
LHD Launches New Brand Story & Identity

For our 25th Anniversary, LHD completes a full brand story update to better match the way we serve our clients while promoting a more modern and fresh identity.

Our teamwork inside and outside the office encourages hard-work, respect, and shared values.
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