Audrey Woika

What do you enjoy most about the work you do? 
I get to support such an incredible team at LHD! My role allows me to help people across various departments, so I'm always learning something new.
Fun fact about yourself that surprises others?
I've played electric guitar since 2007.
What category of trivia would you take 1st place in?
Haha, none of the facts I have acquired in my life have ever helped me in trivia. I like trivia nights, but we better make sure we have a trivia whiz on our team if we want to win!
A bullet point from your bucket list? 
See the northern lights!

I found LHD because of their reputation as a Best Place to Work in Indiana. I’m grateful for the steps I’ve been able to take in my professional life here at LHD and the opportunities to work on some really innovative projects. It’s been very rewarding to work with such a passionate team.

Education & Experience

Audrey joined the LHD team starting as a Client Service Representative for the Mid-Market clients.


Audrey began her career at Epic, a healthcare computer software company, in the software quality assurance department. Audrey worked her way into the role of implementation coordinator.


Audrey earned her bachelor degree in Anthropology from Washington University in St. Louis.