Beth Tollison

When you aren't in the office, where do you like to go?
I love being outside, so you can typically find me out on a trail or on a boat somewhere.
You've done a lot of different things at LHD, what sticks out to you?
Most recently, I've taken on the Benefits System Manager role. I was really leaning into the selection and implementation of our technology portals for our clients, so it has been a great transition. Before that I led the large group account management team and was account manager myself for several years. I gained a lot of knowledge working with public sector and college/university employers.
Your favorite thing to do?
My greatest joy is spending time with my children and grandchildren!

“The reason I’ve been with LHD for this long is simple. I am surrounded by people who care deeply about our clients, strive to provide the highest quality results for our clients, and support each other completely in that endeavor.”

Education & Experience

Beth joined LHD in August of 2003.