Bill Drew

What is your role at LHD?
I am President and Partner with LHD Benefit Advisors and serve as the firm’s practice leader for the mid-market focusing on the unique needs of employer groups with 50 to 1,000 employees. Today, my team and I serve over 150 Indiana employers helping them to aggressively manage their benefits budget, eliminate surprises, communicate more effectively with plan members, and simplify the day to day administration of their benefit plans.

Education & Experience


Bill, along with his three cofounders, created LHD in 1999 and quickly grew it into one of the largest firms in the state.


Bill’s next position was with Pillar Group Risk Management, Inc. where he servered as their Health and Welfare Benefits Consultant.


Bill began his career in employee benefits as an Employee Benefits Representative at Aetna and next as an account executive at Morris Associates.


Bill attended Xavier University – Williams College of Business and earned his Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Finance.

“There are very few careers that allow you to impact the performance of a business and the life of a person at the same time – our work is a really rewarding experience.”