Connor Ganly, Pharm-D

What do you enjoy most about the work you do?
I enjoy using my background in pharmacy to help clients, and oftentimes even members, navigate the everchanging landscape of pharmacy benefits. I'm also a really big data nerd and get a lot of satisfaction in being able to provide data driven recommendations to our clients using what would be seen by most as an overwhelming amount a data.
What's your favorite meal?
Tomahawk steak, baked potato and FRESH corn on the cob. If it's not the season for fresh corn on the cob I'd sub in brussels sprouts.
What category of trivia would you win?
Wildlife, Outdoors, Nature.

“I chose to work at LHD because this company allows me to bring my unique perspective to make a positive impact on the healthcare of thousands, while also maintaining a small, family-like culture in the office.”

Education & Experience

Connor began his internship with LHD in the spring of 2018 and officially became a full time employee in the summer of 2020.


Connor served as a Pharmacy Intern with St. Vincent Health.


In partnership with the Indiana Department of Insurance and Butler University, Connor was contracted as a Formulary Tool Developer.


Connor served as a Pharmacy Technician and Intern with Walgreens.


Connor graduated from Butler University with his Doctor of Pharmacy and Master of Business Administration.