Danica Crouse, RDN, LD, CNSC

What do you enjoy most about the work you do?
I love getting to connect directly with our clients and act as a guide, resource, accountability partner, and support while they make meaningful changes in their health and wellness journey. Walking alongside someone as they improve their wellbeing and ultimately feel better is something I am really grateful for.
Fun fact about yourself that surprises others?
I was a cheerleader at Indiana University.
A bullet point from your bucket list? 
Hiking in Patagonia.

“Working at LHD provides me with a unique opportunity to use my experience, versatility, and resourcefulness to support and implement wellness initiatives with our clients while also positively impacting the lives of individuals that I get the opportunity to work with.”

Education & Experience

Danica joined the LHD team as a Wellness Coordinator and Health Coach.


Danica joined One Drop as a Clinical Health Coach, providing virtual health coaching sessions for members managing chronic conditions including diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, prediabetes, and chronic kidney disease.


Danica specialized as a Clinical Dietitian, Senior-Organ Transplant at IU Health University Hospital, providing individualized care plans, weight loss counseling, and nutrition education for patients and family members.


Danica began her career as a Clinical Dietitian with the IU Health University Hospital, providing nutrition screening and physical assessments for post-surgical and medical patients.


Danica received her Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics from Indiana University, completing a Dietetic Internship at IUPUI after graduating.