Danielle Lynch

What do you enjoy most about the work you do?
I grateful for the opportunity to be a Health Coach at LHD to connect with clients and make a difference in their lives.
What's your favorite meal?
Fried Shrimp
What category of trivia would you take 1st place in?

“I was seeking a career in Indianapolis that would allow me to continue my passion for Health Coaching and be closer to home. I was contacted about an opportunity that would allow me to enrich the lives of others with my skills, experience, and creativity as a Health Coach at LHD. It was destiny that I am now a part of the team!”

Education & Experience

Danielle joined the LHD team as a Health Coach/Wellness Coordinator.


Danielle joined Proactive MD as a Health Coach, where she conducted health coaching sessions using data collected from patient body composition analysis.


Danielle joined VillageMD as a Post-Discharge Coordinator, later being promoted to Clinical Improvement Specialist, where she implemented initiatives for HEDIS throughout the organization to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.


Danielle then joined Humana as a Personal Health Coach, coaching members to identify and address specific goals to support health and behavior change to create positive health outcomes.


Danielle was a Disease Management Educator at Advantage Health Solutions where she delivered telephonic health coaching and assisted with goal setting to clients to improve overall health outcomes.