Dona Carlisle

What do you enjoy most about the work you do?
I have always enjoyed being in the background helping with meetings, events, and offices to run smoothly. I get a kick out of making others look good in their role, especially when they are people I believe in, trust, and want to see succeed, like the folks here at LHD!
What's your favorite meal?
A lettuce wedge with blue cheese, bacon, grape tomatoes, and blue cheese dressing, followed by a thick medium rare ribeye steak, broccoli with cheese sauce, and a baked sweet potato with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. YUM!
Fun fact about yourself that surprises others? 
Dolly Parton wrote a song about my Great Uncle Tom called Preacher Tom!
A bullet point from your bucket list?
Get a camper so it's easier for us to go camping more often!

“I am excited to come to work every day! The passion and compassion of all the people here make you want to push to achieve higher results for our clients, and for those you are working with!”