Whitney Boyer

What’s a notable, work-related achievement you’re proud to share?
This is very broad, but I’m proud of all the accomplishments and previous work experiences that lead me to LHD. It’s been a wild ride and I finally feel settled. The LHD marketing department has accomplished a lot since 2020, and we have so many different ideas for what’s next. I love the trust and freedom I’ve been given to grow this company into a brand I’m proud to represent. The passion the owners and partners have for this industry and the value they bring to Indiana businesses spreads throughout our entire organization.
Favorite Restaurant?
Bluebeard or Bodhi, obsessed with both.
The ONE album you’d take to a deserted island?
Jimmy Buffet, Songs You Know by Heart. It has sentimental value and would fit that atmosphere. I’ve also listened to it so many times that if I was going to get sick of it, it would have happened already.
Bullet point from your bucket list?
To own a VW bus. My family knows this and over the years have gifted me endless VW bus t-shirts, models, and now kids toys!

“I love working with people and this role allows that in so many different capacities. Marketing is involved in every aspect of the business from existing performance and future growth to external deliverables and internal innovations. It’s always exciting!”

Education & Experience

Whitney joins the LHD team as Chief Marketing Officer and brings a variety of experience from digital advertising to account based email marketing and graphic design.


After working in design and managerial marketing roles with various sub companies of Celadon Trucking, Whitney joined corporate as Vice President of Marketing and Recruiting.


Whitney began her career as a graphic designer for a small locally-based company.


Whitney attended Butler University and received her Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Production.